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The Business Systems People have been approved to join the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register (JOSCAR) which enables companies in the Aerospace, Defence, Security & Space sectors to identify qualified suppliers. This approval is valued by some of the largest organisations in the defence community and indicates that we have demonstrated commitment and appropriate credentials.

April 2024

We are implementing an AS9120 (Quality Management Systems - Aerospace Requirements for Stockist Distributors) quality system for a UK start-up organisation, we will also be running training courses, carrying out audits and supporting the organisation as they go through the certification audits until they are certified. Once we have done this their parent company which is located in Spain is interested in obtaining the same AS9120 certification standard which we will be involved in.  

February 2024

We are delivering Human Factors Training to 200 people at a major Tier 1 Aerospace company. The company holds an AS9100 Certification (QMS for quality assurance in design, development, production, installation, and servicing), and Human Factors is new to this standard, previously it was only a requirement for the AS9110 standard (QMS for maintenance, repair and overhaul of aerospace/defence parts). We have been successfully delivering Human Factors Training for over 20 years, and we have constantly improved it and have managed to get it down from the original 2 days of training down to 1/2  a day whilst still covering all of the CAA\FAA\EASA\TC mandatory topics. This helps the organisation as we deliver the training on-site and it reduces cost. The bonus for the leadership team is that we give them anonymous feedback on what we discuss which has been insightful as the leadership were not aware of some of the issues/concerns so they have made changes to make improvements based on this, which in turn has made for a happier workforce.

September 2023

Our Director wrote a post on LinkedIn about the Quality Management System being misnamed, the post had a good response and was reshared numerous times. One person who commented on the post  Joseph A. DeFeo from "Juran" as Juran’s Chairman and Executive Adviser, Dr. Joseph A. DeFeo is recognised worldwide as an authority on quality improvement (Dr. Joseph Juran is one of the Quality Gurus) said this: 

“I agree 100%. The reason I responded is that I am in the midst of re-writing the Juran Handbook and do not want to use the word quality. Dr. Juran himself found it to be too narrow and always pushed us beyond quality. He saw his trilogy as a management system to plan, control and improve the business focused on being excellent in everything we do. So now I am going to add your name to my paper and give you credit for helping me validate my belief - whether I am right or wrong.”

August 2023

Our Director was awarded Entrepreneur of the Month this was due to the effort that he has put into obtaining a number of contracts ranging from corporate to SMEs to help grow the company.




August 2023

It has been a while since we have posted, but we have been working hard with a major aerospace organisation but due to nondisclosure agreements we have not been able to say anything about it. We carried out a number of improvement projects, as well as training and helped 5S streamline the quality management system.


Our Director was invited by The Institute of Human Advancement as a guest speaker to talk about his experience. Our Director talked about the "Tales from the shop floor" which was well received.


 Our Director was invited to take part in the DHI Conference on 17th & 18th November about The Role of the Quality-Related Sciences in Creating a Sustainable Future. Our Director talked about how to use the Business

Excellence Framework and apply it to climate change.


Our Director has been invited as a guest speaker on Dr M Vodcast which includes some of the world's top continuous improvement practitioners/experts. This vodcast is a must for business leaders who want to make improvements to their organisation.


Our Director had a meeting with world-renowned Change Management and Quality Expert David Hutchins, the result of the meeting was that there would be a collaboration between both parties in order to help organisations improve their leadership, processes, systems and quality to increase profits.  


Our Director John has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Month. This he achieved because he paid attention to what was being said about marketing, applied the lessons and landed a major contract for his company



Our Director John has been asked to become a Patron and use his skills in quality management systems and continuous improvement to help The World Game Changers (Community Interest Company) to become more effective with their projects. If you want to know more about their work visit their website: 


Our Director John has been asked to use his skills and to become an Ambassador to help the CIC World Game Changers, to which he has agreed. If you want to know about their work visit their website:



Our Director John was named by Mark DeLuzio, Principal Architect of the Danaher Business System in his webinar on Standard Work. Mark described John as his thought partner for the amount of knowledge that he has shared. The webinar can be seen here:


Our Director John was interviewed by PEN about the secrets of creating systems to scale for property investors/developers. The interview can be seen at the following:




We are pleased to announce that The Business Systems People has been shortlisted for a Chamber of Commerce Business Award




The Business Systems People Shortlisted for Chamber of Commerce Award
TBSP New Start Up Shortlisted for Award
John Foster Entrepreneur of the Month.
John Foster Guest Speaker on Dr M Vodcast.
We are an Approved JOSCAR Supplier
Entreprenuer of the Month July 2023.
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