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Case Studies

Case study 1

A company that we worked with had the vision to open a new office each year in different areas but in order to do this, they would have to have business management systems in place. We helped them create a business manual, procedures and standard work. We set up a training matrix so that all staff could be crossed trained. We introduced PESTLE analysis and the Cost of Poor Quality and trained the team in 5S and problem-solving which we then applied to the business. In six months, the company grew by 30% and they have opened their first new office.

Case Study 2

We were asked if could implement a business management system in a factory. When we arrived on site we discovered that there were bigger issues that needed to be sorted out starting with Health & Safety. We were then asked if we could look at the whole factory to help them become efficient and effective. We worked with the owners to address the health and safety issues before moving onto production. We introduced the owner to the seven wastes of business. Equipment was relocated to improve flow and we implemented 5S and introduced leader standard work. We then reduced inventory and WIP and introduced FIFO (First In First Out) to address the issue of glues and chemicals expiry dates and implemented stock control. We helped them create a business manual, supplier manual, procedures and standard work. We created an approved supplier list, introduced PESTLE analysis, Cost of Poor Quality, OEE and Training matrix. Staff were trained in problem-solving and 5S. In 9 months production  increased, quality has improved and customers are receiving on-time delivery in full.

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