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The House of Business©

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

A few years ago, I created a model called the House of Business© to help people understand what they need for a business to be successful. There are 12 areas that need to be addressed in order to have a successful business.

We start with the foundations and these consist of:

1. Your core value as these are what will help you drive your business

2. Your vision and mission statement which needs to be meaningful and measurable

3. The purpose of your organisation - what are you offering?

4. Your goals as you need to know what you have to achieve

5. Teamwork as you cannot do this on your own so people such as accountant, solicitor etc. are part of your team.

The next stage is your floor which is made up of your business manual and procedures as you will require these so that everyone understands what is required.

The next level is 3 columns.

The 1st Column is the processes that you have in the business.

The 2nd Column is your systems, these bring your processes together.

The 3rd centre Column is training and development as you and your team will need skills.

The lintel that ties the columns is audits and feedback of business, this is important as audits uncover defects in the system, and feedback from your customers, suppliers and team help you to make improvements

The ceiling is the next level which is problem-solving, without this skill you will always have issues that will not be resolved.

Finally, the roof is continuous improvement, if you do not improve and change you will not survive

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