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6 Elements for an effective business

For your business systems to be effective you need to ensure the 6 following elements are in place and running smoothly by answering these questions:

1. Process – Are your processes mapped or flowcharted? How many bottlenecks are there? How often are reworks carried out? Does your customer either directly or indirectly benefit by each step in the process?

2. Components – Are all the forms, checklists, scripts, equipment, software, etc. in place? Is everything available for your employees to operate effectively?

3. Quality – Do your customers get what they expect and when they expect it? Is your product or service fit for purpose? How many customer complaints do you have?

4. People – Are your employees the right fit for their job? Is there a system for hiring, training and communicating with your employees? Are your employees accountable and motivated?

5. Speed – Do your customers get their products on time and in full? Are your lead times realistic? How productive are your employees? Can you spot delays in your system?

6. Measurement – Are KPIs in place as feedback mechanisms to improve the system? Do your systems have output goals that are monitored? Do you measure the cost of poor quality?

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