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48% of UK employees are wasting 3 hours or more every day due to inefficient systems*. This is costing the average UK business at least £28,000 per year – more than the average full-time salary.

* The Access Group study


Do you want to improve customer experience, streamline your processes, reduce costs and remove problems in your processes?

Do you find that your employees don’t use your manuals and procedures or follow them?

Do you have employees who are the only people who can do the work and if they are on holiday or sick the work stops?

Do you know how much time and money issues are costing you?

Are you failing to deliver on time to your customers?

Do you have quality issues that you don’t know how to resolve?

Do your employees know how to use tested tools to find the causes of problems?

Do you fail to constantly improve your processes?

If these issues and other problems are causing you stress and sleepless nights then you are not Business Fit.



With over 20 years of experience in Quality and Continuous Improvement used in corporate, small and medium-sized organisations and across various industries. Author of a business book and speaker.


The following is just a small sample of who I have been involved with:   

Use the button below to book a no obligation initial free call where we will discuss your business and answer your questions

How our 3-step process works

1) Initial no-obligation call to discuss your business and known issues and see if we are a good fit.

2) Consultation to agree on a bespoke plan for your business.

3) Implement the agreed plan.


Bonus: 2 months of ongoing support as your business improvements bed in. 

For examples of some of the tools that we use that you can apply right now to your business download our free Ebook "7 Actions For  A Successful Business" Click on the book now

7Actions for a suucessful business.png

Use this tool to Diagnose the well-being of your company and see where you need to improve. Click on the diagram now

Company Diagnostic.png

Corporate Clients
We can help with your QMS, as Lead Auditors for ISO 9001, AS9100 and AS9110 we can carry out internal and external audits, for Aerospace we can also audit Part 21 and Part 145 requirements. As Lean practicitioners we can help with CI projects. We can provide training on a variety of topics from Root Cause Analysis to Human Factors. We can work as part of your team on specific projects or as an independent advisor

Medium Enterprises
We can help you obtain or improve your ISO 9001, AS9100 and AS9110 quality management system. We can also you create business manuals, document processes, run various training courses and introduce continuous improvement to help streamline your business operations to be more competitive and encourage growth and introduce you to the cost of poor quality to increase your bottom line.

Small Enterprises
We help you to create your business manuals, document your processes, train you how to do problem solving, introduce you to the cost of poor quality and optimise and streamline your business operations to be more competitive and encourage growth








Why choose us?

Over 20 years of experience

Experienced in Quality Management Systems, Auditing and Continuous Improvement working with leading organisations as well as with SMEs across various industries from Aerospace to Property Developers


Chartered Quality Professional

As a Chartered Quality Professional, the standard that we work to is high as we believe in delivering quality rather than quantity so we try to deliver to our clients right first time which reduces delays



Unlike some consultants we won't just point out what needs doing, we are hands-on, and we believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in to help you.   


Our Framework that we use to help your business

Framework for Quality & Continuous Improvement.png

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